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Long Beach Island Foundation of

   Arts and Sciences

Juror: Esther Adler, Curator Drawings,      Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

April 16-May 30, 2022

“Small Wonders”

Chicago Assoc. of Visual Artists

March 1—April 30, 2022

"Second Half"
Las Laguna Gallery
September 3--September 6, 2021
"ViewPoint 52"
Cincinnati Art Club
September 11-September 24
at Art Design Consultants
"10 x 10 x 10"
Tieton Arts & Humanities
August 8--October 11, 2020
Jurors: Marina Pacini,Timothy J. Standring
"Urban Life"
Chicago Assoc. of Visual Artists
July 23-August 21, 2020
Juror: Joanna Pinsky
"Living in Color"
FineLine Gallery
July 10--August 13
"Art in the Time of Quarantine"
The Art Center Highland Park
Virtual Exhibit
June 19-August 21
"Members' Show 2020"
Chicago Cultural Center
(postponed due to coronavirus)
"Consilience of Art & Science"

Pence Gallery, affiliated with UC Davis

January 26--March 2, 2018 

"Pen and Ink"

Union Street Gallery


Union Street Gallery

January 11--February 10, 2018

Honorable Mention

"Architectural Elements"

 Chicago Alliance of Visual Artists

Bridgeport Art Center

January 4--January 30, 2018

Abstract 32.jpg
Jacobs, R--Abstract 49--Pen and Ink--18x24--$350.jpg

Rickie Jacobs is a designer in Chicago, Illinois, currently focused on pen-and-ink abstract drawings and alcohol-based colors. Other work has included silk painting with hot wax resists, textile design, and hand embroidery. Commissions include silk wall hangings and embroidered Judaica.

Print on Demand
Such items as pillow cases, cards, mugs, ties, totes, etc. are available through or
Jacobs, R--Abstract 53--Pen and Ink--18x24--$350.jpg
Jacobs, R--Abstract 50--Pen and Ink--18x24--$350.jpg
Image 219.jpg
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